Marketing 101

If sales is the lifeblood of your organization, then marketing is a vital organ. My feeling on sales and marketing is that without solid marketing including lead generation, and effective articulation, then sales will be nascent. These days, consumers of all types whether business or individuals, are fickle and will jump from a given product or service as soon as it’s convenient. In order to capture and keep their attention, it’s very important to deliver the right marketing messages to the right group of people, at the right time, in order to allow your sales processes and programs to be effective.

There are a variety of ways to market and here is a partial list: online marketing, print marketing, media such as television and radio, telemarketing (either live people or active dialers), outdoor/large marketing such as billboards (both print and electronic) or movie theater ads, grassroots marketing and more.

What is the single most effective form of marketing?

There is little doubt that the most important form of marketing is word-of-mouth referrals. We won’t spend a lot of time here because it is fairly obvious that if a friend, family member or business associate provides a positive reference on a product or service in which you may be interested, their opinion will be a factor in your decision making process. The best way for you to control word-of-mouth referrals, is to simply put out a product or service that adds value to people’s lives. I know this sounds trite. However there is no amount of dressing that you can put on a bad product or service to make sure that people provide a referral. So in the end, you need to have a quality product or service for which people are happy to pay and willing to refer to their friends.

Pay attention to areas like quality with your products, and customer service with your services. You want to make sure that whomever decides to exchange their hard-earned money for your product or service, they are ecstatic and tell their friends. Also we won’t waste a lot of time talking about what happens if someone is upset with you, your company, your products or your services. We’ve all heard the stories that if someone likes your product they may tell 10 people, but if they don’t like your product or had a bad experience, they might tell 100. I think you know what to do from here.

What are the steps I should take in thinking about my marketing program?

Step one– you have to identify the target group of people whom have the best possibility of buying your product or service. In seems obvious, however I find so many companies that build a product or launch a service without knowing who in the world would end up buying a product or service. on other pages, we will go into a variety of methods to identify

Besides referrals, what forms of marketing should I use?

This answer depends, and can only be decided upon after you create an entire marketing program to optimize your marketing dollars.

There are volumes of materials, sites and marketing experts on the web. Our best advice is to hire a good marketing manager or consultant, then let them help you develop solid marketing plans.