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Skip Sanzeri is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who has helped a variety of startups launch, grow and exit. In addition he has funded and launched a few of his own companies. Skip started his entrepreneurial career at an early age buying a Gold’s Gym in the San Francisco Bay Area. Throughout his career, Skip has helped other startups, launch, grow and exit. He then expanded to a total of 6 clubs and converted the brand to California Athletic Clubs before exiting via a sale of the franchise to 24 hour fitness. He then helped grow the IAC division of Ziff-Davis publishing to $250 million, after which it was sold to Thomson Publishing.

Skip Sanzeri continued his entrepreneurial career with Sequoia Capital – backed which was acquired by Lycos. Skip then founded and funded the first open source strategy firm – Open Source Group.  Skip earned his bachelor’s degree from Claremont McKenna College, and then followed on with a Master’s in Public Administration from the college of Notre Dame. He lives in Silicon Valley and is a native of San Francisco. In his spare time Skip enjoys baseball, yoga and studying quantum physics.

Skip Sanzeri has an entrepreneur since 1996 beginning with (backed by Sequoia).

Skip Sanzeri Founded Myfamli – the world’s first comprehensive family information and preservation system –

Founded AlerSense – The World’s First Smart Allergy, Asthma and COPD Air Quality Alert System.


Took MyDx, Inc. public
Merged InRange Technologies with CNT – Computer Network Technology Corp.
Merged Open Source Group with Olliance sold to Lycos
IAC (Ziff Davis Division) sold to Thompson Educational Publishing
Converted Gold’s Gyms to California Athletic Clubs and sold the chain to 24 Hour Fitness

Strategic Capabilities

CEO, Leadership all company functions
Investor Relations, PR and Marketing
Angel, Venture and Private Equity Funding Strategies
IPO/Reverse Merge Experience
Crowdfunding Expertise
Social Media Strategy
User Acquisition
Company Branding
Go To Market Strategies
Marketing Budget and Planning
Financial Modeling

Currently funding 6 different pre-IPO companies via private equity.
I have run projects and campaigns with over 100 different clients.
Company structure – legal, organizational, and information technology
Business models – Skip is an expert in determining viable business models including user acquisition, customer acquisition and revenue streams

Skip Sanzeri’s Past Companies:
Ziff Davis
Lycos (via purchase)
Gold’s Gym Franchises
Open Source Group, Inc.
Baytech Web Design
The Yerby Company
Cotelligent, Inc.
Inrange Technologies (bought by Brocade)

Recent Articles by Skip Sanzeri

Skip Sanzeri
Skip Sanzeri, Founder and CEO at AlerSense, Inc. (2015-present)

Generally angel investing and debt are not the same. However, debt is becoming more popular these days for companies and I have seen a little more “venture debt” happening. This is simply an early stage loan, versus equity.

Most angels will invest for percentage of equity in your company. There is a middle ground which are called convertible notes (debt), wherein you place a limit on the company valuation (Cap) and investors loan money that can be converted to equity, or will eventually need to be paid off as a loan if it is not converted.

I would not advise early-stage companies to take on straight debt if they are not cash flow positive. Debt service can become a killer to early-stage companies, that are not even post-revenue.

Convertible notes are fine as the full intent is that they will convert into equity, not be paid off as debt.


Skip Sanzeri – This was recently posted on Quora  – regarding a question about Whether or not it’s a good idea to contact venture capitalists when you have no prior relationship. You’ll see below that “cold emailing” or cold contact is really not the best way to go.

In answering your question about emailing or calling cold into VC firms, I would say practically, it is not the most optimum approach. It’s not to say that you couldn’t play the numbers game and reach out to 100 analysts or associates at VC firms, but your response would most likely be very slim.

You’re better off using something like LinkedIn and finding someone you know who can make an introduction for you to the right firm.In my experience, generally VC firms require a warm referral. Most venture firms see so many plans per week, that the companies which come to them through referrals will get a stronger look.

Be sure to study the firm first, then look for a partner or associate at the firm who has an interest in your space. I’ve also found that VC firms change focus direction from time to time. So if a given firm was interested in cloud-based technologies earlier, they may now have switched to AI etc. sometimes their portfolio will fill up with a certain type of company in a certain industry and therefore they will no longer look for similar companies.

Sometimes entrepreneurs make a rookie mistake by contacting a VC firm through a referral, without having done the initial research to understand if the firm is currently looking for companies like theirs to add to their portfolio.

So you want to go to the site, review their philosophy and their portfolio companies, look for some matches, then find the partner who is handling your area and who is most qualified to discuss your company with you. Then, find someone on LinkedIn who can make an introduction for you, (or use another network) and go from there.

Lastly be sure to watch out for competition. I’d say it in about 25% of the pitches I’ve made to VC they could not move forward due to the fact that they had an investment in a competitive company. I don’t believe that you should necessarily avoid a VC firm that has a company that could be competition, but if the other company they invested in is a straight up competitor, you might be wasting your time.

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