Welcome to Startup Experts – Brought to you by Skip Sanzeri

We live in a chaotic mess of a business world, and we are here to help you make sense of the situation for you and your startup. As you click through the pages associated with this site, you will get real-world hard-hitting startup information. The content we put before you is not based on academia, or MBA classes, but real-world experience gained from 20+ years of working with over 200 startups.

We prefer to work with small companies in the early stages to help them get off the ground. We’ve seen about everything regarding startups. We usually engage anywhere from concept through the Series B financing.

We’ve helped startups in a variety of ways and we built this site to help entrepreneurs make the right decisions, and avoid the landmines when launching or running a startup.

Feel free to travel around the site to find tips and techniques, information and skills, files and resources or maybe nothing useful whatsoever.  This site is a work in progress so if you don’t see all of the information you may need, you can always feel free to get a hold of us by going to the contact section of this website.  We will continue to update the site with more and more information and content hoping that eventually it will become valuable to many.

Best of luck to you as there is nothing more rewarding nor more risky than launching and running a startup.

More of my (Skip Sanzeri’s) background (if you are interested):


  • B/A in Economics, Claremont McKenna College
  • Masters in Public Administration, College of Notre Dame

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Public Company Work:

MyDx, Inc:

  • Raised $7,600,000 convertible and equity rounds plus warrants
  • Took company public in a reverse, triangular merger (May, 2015)
  • Final private Series B round at $1.10 per share and $20m Market Cap
  • Trading as OTCQB:MyDx

Private Company Work – Highlights

Started Career at Ziff-Davis Publishing and grew my division to $250m – Exited via sale to Thomson Educational Publishing

Founded and Built Gold’s Gyms in the bay area (6) – Sold them as California Athletic Clubs to 24 Hour Fitness

Founded and Funded Open Source Group. the first open source strategy firm. Later successfully sold and exited company.

Sold Quote.com to Lycos. Quote.com was funded in part by Sequoia Capital

Worked with over 100 early stage companies consulting on all aspects of startups


Founded the first bay area technology radio show called Techwatch

Served on numerous non-profit boards including:

  • Hillsborough, Ca. Little league
  • Bellaramine College Preparatory Dad’s Club
  • San Mateo County Health Advisory Board
  • San Mateo City Commission
  • Hillsborough Schools Foundation