Asif Ghias  

Registered Patent Agent/Practitioner of United States Patent and Trademark Office

Skip is an A player. He is a great addition to our team, and has been instrumental in setting up the sales and marketing infrastructure for the company. I have seen Skip critically and thoroughly analyze a variety of business situations, strategic and tactical, to uncover problems, and offer solutions. He’s a team player that I have enjoyed working with, and will continue…more

Sheldon Shi

Founder and CEO at Vidie

I engaged Skip as an adviser to help me shape up the business plan of the company I founded. I have to say the experience is absolutely worthwhile. Skip is very detail oriented, has deep industry knowledge, and above all, very friendly to work with. I definitely recommend him to any start-ups who seek advices on business model and fund raising.

March 1, 2010, Sheldon was Skip’s client

Scott Allen

Sales Consultant at WP Engine

I have known Skip for a few months now. In that short time he has become a trusted advisor to my startup. He has provided guidance with his expertise and in depth knowledge of startups. Without Skip’s help, we would not have come this far and our idea would be just that – an idea.

August 14, 2009, Scott was with another company when working with Skip at Social G2

Saman Dias

Partner at SKD LaunchPad

Skip is an exceptional senior management consultant. In working with entrepreneurial companies. I believe Skip has deep insight into how to help companies from fund raising to building management teams.
Skip’s professionalism is unmatched within the industry and he is able to think of creative yet economical solutions while keeping true to the Silicon Valley startup…more

July 27, 2009, Saman was Skip’s client

Jane Fitzpatrick

Writer/Producer at Windcatcher Entertainment

Skip has truly been an effective and invaluable asset to our new start-up company, Stellar! Web Media. He has been open and knowledgeable when suggesting needed changes to the overall business plan while helping to negotiate solid relationships with important business connections. Skip is always willing to talk and contribute thoughtful opinions and suggestions in a very…more

May 5, 2009, Jane was Skip’s client

Charles Foley

Chairman, Watchful Software

I have had the distinct opportunity to work with Skip Sanzeri from multiple angles, both working with his companies and in having him on our team. His ability to succinctly define a path to success and ruthlessly execute according to that path is second to none. In addition, he balances that characteristic with incredibly strong leadership skills which has led to continued…more

Copa Cast

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

Gerardo Broussi, MBA, PMP

Strategy and Project Management Consultant

I had the pleasure and the privilege of working with Skip at CopaCast.
Skip was instrumental in building the business and commercial side of this start-up, bringing with him an extensive contact network, an expert knowledge of the industry, superb execution abilities and great professionalism and confidence to the team. I saw in him role model not just for a business…more

December 26, 2009, Gerardo worked directly with Skip at Copa Cast

Clement Huang

Chief Product Officer at Madhouse

The ultimate people leadership and team player at the stressful startup!
Skip is not only great at his internet business domain expertise, but also excellent at applying people skill for team binding and positive inspiration to 360 degree organization, specially under challenge stressful startup time at most in-need of such talent. He is a true leader!

June 19, 2008, Clement worked with Skip at Copa Cast

Paul James

Kairos IEA

I have greatly enjoyed working with Skip. He is very knowledgeable, resourceful, connected and very polished. It’s been a real pleasure working with a seasoned Pro like Skip and having someone on the team that you can always count on to perform exactly as they say they will. I look forward to working with him in the future.

– Paul Coppock

May 6, 2008, Paul worked directly with Skip at Copa Cast

Jennifer Garcia

Senior Web Developer / Webmaster / Web Content Manager / AB Testing Manager

It is my pleasure to recommend Skip. His business sense is unmatched, making sound decisions for the best of the company. As a leader Skip is very approachable and always made time to listen. He worked hard to ensure that the company was well represented all around. His focus, vision, leadership, persistence, and passion are always apparent making him an incredible…more

August 8, 2009, Jennifer worked indirectly for Skip at Baytech Web Design

Dave Franzetta

Owner and Chief Business Advisor, Designed Outcomes

Skip was a superb team leader. He made sure that his company always delivered fully on their promises. Skip also excelled at helping the client company clearly articulate needs and timeframes.

August 12, 2007, Dave was with another company when working with Skip at Seerun

Richard Goebel

Entrepreneur, GM and marketer at Fortune 500 and start-up enterprises

I’ve known Skip since ’97. He is one of the best sales managers and most ambitious person I know. He has a great knack for assessing an opportunity, charting a course for success, and then taking action.

February 11, 2008, Richard worked with Skip at Quote.com (Lycos)